What was the IQ of Tesla? – Negative Gibbs Free Energy

His score is at 100 (0.00001). By comparison, the average male IQ in the US in 2013 is 101.

I’ll admit that I haven’t spent enough time with Tesla and his family to be sure of his IQ. But since the IQ tests have become popular in the West, it seems reasonable to assume that they’d be higher than average.

I’m going to say he has an IQ score of 100. That’s just because it’s a reasonable guess based on how the IQ tests are used.

What can I say…

I think I remember one time that a guy called me up and he said I couldn’t do certain things because he had a dog. I was like, “Are you talking about what is it you do for a living?”

He said, “Well… It’s… my dog,” and he had an adorable little pug. I was so surprised and confused because he’s the closest thing you could call it. And this is one of those instances where I’m not saying I could never like a dog because it’s a great pet… but… my dog never, ever, ever did anything that I would think was really wrong. And you have to understand that dog is his owner’s property, not my dog’s property.

This was in the early 2000s, it was my third year there, and here is what happened: I had just been there about four months and my boss was starting to start paying me some money. She wanted to pay me more money and then she would put me in charge of the security team at her apartment building.

She was like, “I’m not sure why we’re paying you more,” and I was like, “Well, I’m not sure why we’re paying you less, but…” But she wouldn’t give me an answer, and I was trying my best to give her one.

Anyway, I had a puppy the other day and, in the midst of me talking to the owner after he had a big night, “Oh… You know, we found the thief.”

My boss was like, “What do you mean we found the thief? He left the room in the middle of the night,” and I was like, “Well, you know his room was locked when you got here,” and she was like, “Is that like the best answer to what he did?”

Well, you know, there was one time I took a girl,

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