What was the IQ of Tesla?

According to the famous psychologist, Alfred Binet, a person’s IQ is a composite value of all the abilities they have.

Binet’s original research indicated that IQ is a measure of the cognitive abilities in that person. This approach allowed researchers to determine if individuals with different IQs would, on average, perform very differently.

Based on the results, Binet also hypothesized that a few important factors—such as genetics, education and environment—all had an impact on a person’s IQ.

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1. How important is IQ to your job?

IQ isn’t a perfect predictor of success. However, given the general perception, and current research on IQ, an individual with an IQ above 125, is probably the type of individual who is most likely to have the potential to improve their current IQ, according to the American Council on Exercise’s research.

2. How smart are you?

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Whether you’ve always seen yourself as smart, or your IQ has improved over time, it’s best you learn how to find out.

The American Council on Exercise has established a test called the IQ Plus Test to gauge your intelligence.

For those who don’t know or understand what the IQ Plus test is, let us explain. The test uses a series of questions that you can answer in a matter of 60 seconds, then you are asked to rate yourself on a scale from 1st to 5th.

Your IQ is one part of your life that you do not have complete control over. However, the number you’ve scored on this test is one small measurement of your intelligence.

3. Is your IQ high or low?

IQ is best determined by asking your IQ question at age 8. If you start at 8, you can get your IQ from around 75. However, a high IQ does not automatically mean you will go on to excel in all areas of life.

According to the American Council on Education, intelligence is not limited to only intellectual abilities.

“One of the factors that contributes to intelligence is family environment. This includes how parents raised the child, the type of education that was given and the environment they were raised in,” says AICE President, Dr. James A. Sulski.

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