What would happen if energy was free? – Free Energy Principle Doom

This could happen. The only question is what state of balance would be most appropriate. We might not want to end up with an energy shortage and a shortage of energy.

At any rate, we might have a shortage of energy. It would be interesting to find out what happens when energy is free. If energy were free for a long enough period, we could actually end up with an energy shortage. (That might be a bit more than just a few thousand years, however.).

One possible way this could be accomplished might be through the use of lasers, which could be used to create free energy. Laser powered generators might be able to produce power without needing a supply of fuel to operate. There might also be some clever ways of capturing energy out of the atmosphere and putting it to use.

But a free energy shortage, as a global problem, would pose issues that would require a global solution that no longer involved large amounts of energy, especially from the sun.

An Alternative to Nuclear Option

One alternative, is to combine nuclear and solar energy production, as most of our energy comes from either the sun or the sun’s ultraviolet light. But the problem with this is that we have a finite amount of nuclear energy, and so we wouldn’t want to use it for nothing.

The solar situation is much better, and we could be using sunlight to create hydrogen. However, we would need to capture the excess heat. Some of this heat would probably have to come from seawater. This wouldn’t be a problem, however, as there are abundant sources of energy that can be converted to useful heat. For example, the water vapor released during an eruption of the Pacific island of Hawaii, or the greenhouse gases released from the burning of fossil fuels. We could convert the heat we get from these sources into electricity.
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Another possibility of turning surplus energy from any one source into energy from another could be solar energy collectors. These are usually about the size of tanks, and are designed to collect excess sunlight to create heat for use from hydrothermal fluids, such as oil or coal.

Another alternative would be to combine all the energy that falls on the earth and capture it within a region that is so large that it could be used to produce a surplus. This could mean using oil in a system that uses only oil. There would have to be some tradeoff between not wasting excess energy, and conserving it.

There could even be some method of capturing surplus energy that doesn

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