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George Lucas was also the name of the film studio. He also created the Millennium Falcon and the Death Star II to the Death Star, for the first two films in that series, as well as a computer game and a series of computer games based on the Star Wars universe.

(Lucas had written the script, but it wasn’t approved. It then became a screenplay called the “Prequel Trilogy” – but the film wasn’t made. The film was rewritten with a different story)

The New Horizons spacecrafts (originally named the “Moonship” as some people have mistakenly mistaken them for the Death Star II) were originally named as “Vasquez” (the name was changed and eventually abandoned)

The film, The Empire Strikes Back, was originally called “Red One”

The Death Star II was originally named “Tit’lar Station”, in homage to the New Horizons spacecraft.

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The Death Star I was also named “Tit’lar” as there are some references to the Star Wars logo there.

The Death Star itself was originally called the “Lunardike Star”, but was renamed as “Lunardike-class” due to copyright problems

There is also mention that Darth Vader himself was originally a space shuttle. That is not true, it was designed specifically to be an attack craft, so there isn’t any reference in the novels or the movies to Vader as such.

It seems like the entire plot of The Empire Strikes Back was lifted from Return of the Jedi, possibly as a homage to both Star Wars and Star Trek: The Original Series.

It might be because of the similarities in costumes and design, but I always imagined Emperor Palpatine looking more like a space shuttle compared with his old appearance. But it was probably just fan fic.

And, to be clear, the Death Star I was the first Death Star ever seen in the Star Wars Universe. It was the first Death Star to be destroyed on screen though, as the Death Star II had been constructed years prior. Its destruction is shown in Return of the Jedi.




This is the story of how the Death Star was designed for the first time during the Battle of Yavin, from the perspective of the

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