Who created free energy? – Free Energy Generator Magnet

A: Nikola Tesla.

B: Thomas Edison.

C: Albert Einstein.

D: Robert Oppenheimer.

E: Richard Feynman.

F: Michael Faraday.

G: Sir John Balfour.

H: Lord Kelvin.

I: Sir Isaac Newton.

J: Lord Kelvin.

K: Albert Einstein.

L: William Shockley.

M: Isaac Newton, George Eliot, Lord Kelvin, Lord Rutherford.

N: Sir Isaac Newton.

O: Sir Isaac Newton.

P: Nikola Tesla.

Q: Nikola Tesla.

R: Albert Einstein.

S: Michael Faraday.

T: Michael Faraday.

U: Sir Isaac Newton.

V: Sir Isaac Newton.

W: John Balfour.

X: Lord Kelvin.

Y: Sir John Balfour.

Z: Sir Isaac Newton.

The three great geniuses

A: Leonardo da Vinci.

B: Albert Einstein.

C: Sir Isaac Newton.

D: John Balfour.

E: Sir Isaac Newton.

F: Sir Thomas Edison.

G: Andrew Carnegie.

H: Thomas Edison.

I: John J. Rooth.

J: John J. Rooth.

K: Joseph Priestley.

L: James Clerk Maxwell.

M: John Wheeler.

N: Benjamin Franklin.

P: Alexander Graham Bell.

Q: Alexander Graham Bell.

R: Alexander Graham Bell.

S: John Currie.

T: John Currie.

U: Sir Thomas Huxley.

V: Thomas Huxley.

W: John Currie.

X: Alexander Graham Bell.

Y: Benjamin Franklin.

Z: Benjamin Franklin.

All three figures have the same first name: Nikola.

The four figures are: Galileo, Newton, Einstein and Rutherford.

The figure of Galileo is also the same, if in a different order. This is no coincidence.

The two numbers are not identical, but they are almost. One is higher than the other.

The two great geniuses

A: Nikola Tesla.

B: Albert

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