Who is better Tesla or Edison? – Free Energy Of Tesla Full Movie

Which has better patents – both?

Tesla is a better inventor.

You can use it to solve your problems.

You can create a better future through it.

Tesla won this particular argument.

But it’s not the only reason either.

So how can you prove that Tesla is an inventor?

Here are the 4 pieces of evidence needed for you to prove that Tesla was as successful as Edison is today:

1. The actual patents

If you are reading this article, you’re probably wondering where the idea that Tesla can create electricity comes from.

Here’s a very simple example to prove Tesla is an inventor:

Imagine a world where you have the following things:

One electric car, that runs on electricity, that has one set of wheels, and that gets off the line whenever you put a push of a button. That car gets more mileage than a gasoline car.

Another electric car, that starts and stops using electricity, that has one set of wheels and that gets off the line everytime you push a button. That car gets more miles per gallon than a gasoline car.

This is what an electric car would look like in this world, after all of the technological advances that have been made:

How did Tesla invent those things? There’s absolutely no doubt that he invented them.

But in the real world, we all have access to electricity, because that’s how electric cars are currently built. The world of electric cars is, technically, similar to the world of car production.

So the fact that some people are able to build a Tesla based car using the best technology available in the world, that gives us an idea of which Tesla inventor he was. But there is one other way to prove Tesla was the inventor of the electric car:

Take the best Tesla patents

The first way to prove the fact that you’re a better Tesla inventor is by showing that you have the most powerful patents.

It would, in theory, take someone with a very expensive collection of patents (which Tesla himself is known to have a few of) to build an electric car that has more miles per gallon than a gasoline car.

But the only one that can produce a Tesla car with more miles per gallon is Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, and the inventor of the Tesla Model S, which has a starting price of $82,000 (or around $1 million adjusted for inflation).

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