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The answer is, you decide.
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I think Edison had the edge, but he didn’t invent the light bulb because of his ability to make a better flashlight.

Edison’s light bulb is called the Kappadokan lamp. It uses a “conversion” mechanism that turns sunlight into electricity.

What most people didn’t realize is this (and you should know about it soon). Edison made a cheaper, simpler and much better alternative to lighting with light bulb. They called it the Kappadokan bulb.

Edison is remembered as a genius, but Kappadokan was made by a simple man who needed a simple method to make more electricity.

The invention and the resulting business of Kappadokan is how we got modern lighting.

Edison was a genius inventor and the first to use a light bulb made from a light bulb made from iron.

As you can see, Edison really screwed up a little with the Kappadokan bulb. He tried to make it an all purpose electric light bulb, but this was pretty far from what any of us today would consider an all purpose light bulb.

The Kappadokan bulb was a one trick pony, and they quickly became the best selling and still popular all purpose bulbs. There is a small company in India who manufactures Kappadokan bulbs.

That is why you have the current craze for Amazon.com light bulb, because the original Kappadokan bulbs sell fast.

A light bulb that cost $200 that has a Kappadokan bulb inside that is much worse than a cheap electric light bulb that would work no better than a light bulb made a century prior.

If Edison made a better bulb or replaced it with a Kappadokan, wouldn’t you buy it?

If a light bulb is the ultimate appliance, or at least one that can be an appliance, it would be impossible to sell something that doesn’t have a Kappadokan that uses that bulb, or has that bulb with less energy.

The Kappadokan bulb would kill your business if you did it, unless you bought the original bulb with the Kappadokan light bulb inside.

The Kappadokan bulbs and Edison are the perfect example of how not only are we moving away from an all purpose light bulb, but that as our world becomes more efficient, we will

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