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The world’s leading scientific organization has been warning for years about geoengineering. Now, they are finally acknowledging just how dangerous it is to use the technology that could be on show when the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) convenes in Buenos Aires next week.

It appears the body has lost itself in its own arrogance, ignoring every fact, a fact illustrated in a recent article in the International Herald Tribune entitled “Geoengineering for the Global Village: The science and political challenges”.

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The articles piece was written by Dr. Richard Feynman, Professor of Physics at Cornell University, a former US Presidential science adviser and an influential physicist who was a leading proponent of nuclear fusion for spaceflight, a process which he described as “a beautiful thing”.

But what Feynman actually proposed, when discussing the potential for geoengineering, was very similar to the geoengineering proposal that is now on show: “In the event of war, as a last resort there is the possibility of deploying a series of geoengineering measures, in order to reduce the effects of global warming and global cooling. These would be small, perhaps a few kilograms, and they would not last for a long time.”

He went on to state that the “global warming will take place because of the increasing amount of manmade greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, which are increasing the global temperatures. If this were not the case the global warming would be reversed. We are doing that for the first time so that mankind can avoid the worst effects of climate change.”

There are several problems here.

Firstly, the geoengineering proposal is almost exactly the same as the proposal made by Feynman and was also proposed in 1991 when the IPCC first convened. As we see from the article, this proposal involved injecting sulphur dioxide into the stratosphere, a process known as chemical geoengineering which can be very expensive and require high levels of technology. The process can also cause ozone depletion, resulting in a severe health and environmental risk.

Secondly, the only thing preventing the climate warming caused by geoengineering from taking place is the fact that a nuclear power plant could not generate enough power in the foreseeable future to use it to cool the climate, an outcome predicted by the IPCC to happen no matter what it does. It is also not clear how an economically viable, widespread, long-lasting and safe geoengineering project would work.

Thirdly, to be able to be effective we would need to be able to control the weather,

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