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It might help. Can you play the harmonica? It’s an awesome instrument, and one of the most natural things you can be doing. I used to play the clarinet. Can you read at an elementary school level? Yes I can. Can you write a book? A lot of people don’t believe this, but yes.

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The “Guitar Skills” question is a particularly interesting one: the most important thing for a musician is being able to play music the way the human brain has evolved to do. Most students have developed a “musical ear” for their instrument based on practicing every day and reading books on their instrument, but what happens if you stop playing music? They will not automatically become an artist or perform at the highest level. This “musical ear” is like a musical language, which includes all the subtle nuances that music makes, and has the capacity to create all sorts of new musical ideas and techniques. A musician must learn to navigate this world – and not rely on its ability to communicate the artful, lyrical words it once made.

Most musicians have a “musical ear,” but just how good is it? How can a musician learn to pick up music? And how can they improve as a musician? There are all sorts of techniques for learning guitar, but most of them are hard to apply on the guitar; you need to practice. All guitar teachers will say that when students are really trying to practice hard and really learn, they should try out a few different techniques, even if they seem a bit clumsy. These techniques are important, but they are not the core of anything guitar players do. In particular, practicing alone does not work (you are much better off playing in a band!). Playing with a band is much better if there is some sort of structure or a real band leader, and if there is some specific music you know the music well and can relate to.

If you want to be a truly great guitar player, then there is no shortcut – you really have to go out and find music you love. So the question is: which guitar is most likely to get you playing at the highest level, and which guitar looks the best in everyday life? If a musician wants to learn to play the guitar, the first two instruments would be the clarinet and the guitar. If the musician is really good at the second two instruments, he might get to the third and fourth instruments. I guess the question of which instrument is going to get you playing better

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