Can anyone learn to play the guitar?

If you’re interested in guitar learning, then you must be intrigued about learning with others, playing together or playing against a different person.

If you read music, chances are you know some of the words and chords mentioned below.

C.1. The root chord of a chord (or root note)

In many of the piano styles, chords are given a specific function, usually to make something sound or feel ‘full’. So, for example, a C major chord can be used to produce a chordal sound when playing the scale to A:

The C chord is used by default when playing the Cmaj7 (chord in A minor) chord in a major key (Bb3 or C#m).

The C chord in this example is usually an A augmented chord.

The Cm7 chord is another chord in the major key of C. In this example it provides an A chord tone similar to that of C, but without any B and not any C. This is because it does not contain other notes. (If there are other notes, these are called ‘imperfect chords’ and are used in some minor keys to provide a diminished sound.) If the chord in this example was an other note, then it would still be called an augmented chord.

The Cmaj7 chord can be learned using a fingering diagram. This is a diagram showing the note positions of the major and minor chord notes that a C chord is in. On some scales, you can use the fingering in the diagram to play the A chord scale, such as the 7/4 or 7/4 major scale.

There have been various books and other music techniques that have been developed using this method:

C.2. The 7th chord

So now we start to look at something that is not usually mentioned in musical theory texts, but in the charts that are used to help you learn chord changes.

The Cmaj7 chord is an example. It is listed in Major keys, and can be used in a minor key (C, D, E, F, G, Ab, …) as well. On the other hand, the Cmaj7 chord in A would not be in the same key (C.) as the Dm7 chord in Ab/F.
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It is also used in the A Dorian mode of C Major, so it is included in any major or minor system of chord change