Can I learn guitar at 30?

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Not until you’re at least 45. Don’t be silly.

Is the Internet for me?

Absolutely. Read about it.

What are people saying about me?

Just about the only bad thing to say about me as a musician is that when I was in college. I played “Temptation” by Aerosmith on The Tonight Show.

Is that my first song?

It’s my second!

Why were your parents so into Metallica in the early ’90s and not just a heavy metal band?

Well, first, the band was a huge thing, but I don’t know why they thought that I was a real rock-and-roll guy from Minnesota. If they knew me better, or had known me better at one point during the ’80s, they would have told them to not use them. That was my favorite band and one of my favorites on the whole planet.

When did you start getting into music really seriously?

I really didn’t start taking music serious until my junior year of college. One of my best friends was on his way to Columbia University in New York, and he wanted to come back to the Midwest. He wanted me to play in his band, so I didn’t want to go but told him, “I don’t have to. I’m sure there are some cool things you’d enjoy.” I met him at a rock festival in Chicago and played with them. Then I went to my first gigs in Chicago. I met a ton of cool young girls who were into the new kids on the block. I got hooked.

But what was this other person’s name?

I don’t want to say.

Is this a secret?

Not a big secret. But that’s not what I was going to mention.

I was curious — what’s your favorite band ever?

I have absolutely no favorites. I think it went to the top of the list. I think it probably would be something like Led Zeppelin’s “Whole Lotta Love” or something.

You really look at bands through different lenses.


When I was a young kid growing up, there was a little scene at high school called Metal Village.

Are you related to any of the people in it?

I have no brothers, no sisters. But I did meet my cousin once or twice.

Are there