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How about 10? What about 10?”

“I do guitar. So, 10 months? Oh fuck me with a spoon, what am I going to do then?”

“10 months?!” How do you think that was, this was last year, I don’t remember.

So, I don’t need anyone to tell me what my life needs, how am I going to live on 10 months? Am I going to wait until my next 10 months until I can play my songs to the band again? I don’t know. My body feels tired, but I’m never gonna stop until I hit the ground running or I die.

But, this next ten months might be different. I might end up doing something completely crazy and new. For this year I thought about a lot of things. And, I realized that my current situation doesn’t exactly encourage me to start doing anything that makes no sense.

A couple days ago my dad came over and I had him give me a book called “How to Learn Guitar” by David Buechler. And the first thing I read that I’ll never forget, was the famous part, “No matter what the difficulty, if you just let it go!”

I thought about that for about 20 minutes and really started thinking, “what does that mean?” I was sitting at home all day playing my shit. I can’t just stop. That is insane from a physical standpoint, it’s insane from a spiritual standpoint, how can you make that happen and at the same time be willing to put your life on the line and just let it go all day long?

So, after talking with my Dad on the phone, I decided today’s the day. After about three hours of writing, I’ve managed to write, “Let the Beat Ride” onto the first page of my computer, I’ll be playing it live at the Foothill Country Fair in Rancho Bernardo, CA, this Friday, October 11, I’ll be there from noon until 5pm

I want the audience to feel free to come out and come up and sing along to the song. As long as all of you come up and sing along in between takes of “let the beat ride” that is what I want!

So, how do I do that? Easy. I just need a crowd. I could start writing some words. But, I really want to do something cool. I want a little more than just words. I want

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