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If you have not yet mastered the basics of guitar, and want to improve your skills, then this is the best course you will ever need. Here’s my top 5 tips for starting and progressing in music, to get you started:

1) Focus on learning the basics of guitar. If you haven’t got the fundamentals down, then don’t waste your time on lessons. It’ll end up leaving you feeling burnt out rather than just learning the basics

2) Study for at least two years. If studying for a year is too much to you, then try study for less than a year and see if you can improve. You don’t usually get the same thing every year, and you’ll most likely find that you’ve got a bunch of new stuff and you can’t remember half of the notes (usually).

3) If you plan on being a full time guitar player for your whole lifetime, then take online training or the guitar lessons that are offered at places like Guitar Center (a site with plenty of free guitar lessons but you’re really paying for the online ones).

If you need more guitar instruction, or even an instructor:

4) Read all of Scott Dolan’s books and CDs. He’s been around for decades now and knows exactly how to play the guitar and why guitar players are good. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a beginner or just need more tips and help, he’s a teacher worth following.

Check out Scott’s Youtube Channel:

5) Listen to the music you’re currently learning over and over again. You can listen to any song you want over and over again and just keep at it, or you can try some of his songs and see if you can play them over and over again. The key to learning is to listen to the music and to practice the music.

Here’s a list of some of my Top 10 songs, and some other great music you can listen to:

Other Resources on the internet

If it’s already known that you want to learn to play the guitar (or want to get better in general), then the first resource that you need to check out is Guitar Theory, because it covers the basic concepts behind all aspects of music, from chord structure and voicings, all the way to playing guitar chords.

I recommend

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