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No. We are a small band. We have a group of friends working on a music website, but we have not taken the risks to launch this site to the level we intend to. To get the same sort of traffic through the internet the Bandcamp site has achieved, we would have to open this site up to the whole world. So we have decided that the best way to build the platform would be to build it ourselves.

What is the site actually like?

It is a music site created by a group of people, and based around a single theme. It is free to use. We provide a list of all the tracks you can download on the site, along with links to get free copies and to download the free version from Bandcamp. If you do want to buy it, you can do so on our Bandcamp store. We also offer a full playlist with cover art, lyrics and artist details (we have a music catalogue that goes back further than 2000). We have added a live show playlist for those people who just want to get a taste of what we do.

Who are these bandmates?

I’m Simon, and I am the technical and front end developer. I’ve always loved music and started playing guitar at the age of 15. My brother is Paul, a musician who has been playing music since the age of 8. My sister, Laura, plays bass as well, while I am on the keyboard and drums and Simon is producing some of the songs. I’m mainly going to be writing and recording the songs, so if you like one (or if you just want to find out more about the band) check out our website here.

Who is this band playing with?

Our bandmates are all different, all from different parts of England. Colin has a really cool voice and we hope that when people hear him they will enjoy it.

Who are the musicians in the band?

We have a great band that has been making some pretty incredible music for the last year. We’ve recently toured together and played at numerous festivals and festivals around Germany, Sweden and even in the UK.

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