Can you learn guitar at 30?

How do you get into the genre?

Do you like a lot of different genres of music?

What have you been listening to?

Would you recommend this song to another guitar player?

How does a song like this apply to your current work?

What was your favorite part of writing it?

Did this song really take you by surprise?

Was it the most challenging song you’ve written?

What are you doing with your time right now?

Who is the song’s most important musician?

Are there people or places in your life you’d like to be spending more time with?

Do you think you have more great potential as a songwriter?

If the person sitting next to you is a musician, what type of music would they like to hear?

If this is to be the last song you do, why?

What was your take on the final result?

Do you have a favorite line you didn’t get to write?

The Final Product

So, the title “Guitar” is kind of a throwaway phrase. It should not be a reference to anything or anyone. So a lot of my song titles and lyrics are more a reflection of my current work and my current ideas, not anything specific. So I’m not sure what the title means. The song really just began to take shape about the second I wrote it (even though it’s been about 2 years). The main idea, and really the main idea of the song is that guitars are not just a thing that happens at the guitar but they are also a thing that just happens throughout the universe that we live in. Maybe that’s not a coincidence. Or maybe I got that one right. Who knows?

For the lyrics, I wanted to write something where I would be speaking metaphorically about the guitar. It’s an incredibly cool instrument, and I have lots of great guitar stories that I think fit really well with that concept. I’ll probably end up including some of those, so keep an eye out to see what I come up with.

I think with anything in life that you’ve got going on, you have to keep yourself busy. I’ve always found that when you have lots of obligations around you, you have to get on with it otherwise you might lose focus (and motivation). So I took that as the title for the music I was writing when I was actually writing it. I