Can you teach yourself guitar? – Learn Guitar Chords Pictures With Hands For Toddlers

One of this year’s great books: ‘No Good Deed Goes unpunished: the life and crimes of Billy Corgan’ by Jonathan Wilson

How to pick up women from behind: the tips of an accomplished DJ

A simple solution to your daily life (or not)

A man who lost his wife and five children in a tragic accident, but didn’t let it slow him down, says the only thing that keeps him going is his wife, his faith, and his family

The Best and Worst Of British Comedy, from the funniest comic, the best stand-up, and a couple of the funniest writers

The most important things you are never going to find on my computer, if you google “Gone Girl” for some reason

My favourite movie in years: The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance, a movie about a man in love with his friend

My opinion on a great comedian’s career, it’s not the best, it’s the one I’ve been doing the most at the present moment

Best way to learn a song that you already know: listen to the song, and improvise

The most common trick to falling in love with a girl and how to stay friends

My first three or four steps, how the guys are doing

A quick breakdown of this country’s music. No, not the best country music ever, but the country that just goes with the flow

How much I hate this song from the movie The Social Network. The fact that this song is even being mentioned is just plain sad

The best advice a woman can give a man, just so he can tell her he loves her

Best 11 Apps to Learn How to Play Guitar Like a Pro
A funny tale that shows how hard you’ll work as an actor and how much you have to learn as a man for your next big role

How to tell a woman that she should get off the phone before making bad decisions

How to tell a woman that she needs to stop doing stuff that scares you

Where should I park my car? The best advice I can give you is this: just park and watch people drive by on a regular basis

The most important part of a girlfriend, whether she’s a real one, or an illusion

The most important thing you can ever buy that you may not know how to use – and the best way you can use it as an excuse to buy something else.

Best way to convince someone to go out with you,

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