Does playing guitar help with anxiety? – How To Learn Guitar Notes Easily Digested

It probably does. It’s an incredibly natural way to have a little bit of stress out of your system, and the anxiety is gone. And the way I’ve discovered people play to be a little bit better is you have to look at a guitar a little bit differently to play guitar. It’s not going to happen on a computer, a notebook, whatever, you have to take up a guitar. So if you can pick out your first chord, the first scale, then you can play it pretty well. And I have heard it’s helpful when it comes to anxiety, but it’s not necessarily the only thing. I have found that if you’re playing a song like “Mystery” when you get anxious, it just gets more difficult at that point. But if you try to hold down the pressure, it gets easier. I’m not necessarily saying it makes it easier, but it definitely has helped with anxiety.

If I could pick any rock instrument or any instrument in general for helping me focus on the right things while I play, it’s the guitar.

Yeah, I’ve known you for many years now. I played in bands with you in the past, and we had a great time together.

What do you think of the state of the music industry?

It’s good. [laughs]

If you wanted to be in music journalism, what advice do you have for aspiring rock journalists?

Read music as much as you can. I started reading it because I was so into rock music growing up. I just never knew any of that stuff about the genre or the culture. I just fell in love with the material pretty quickly. But I’ve learned a lot from music blogging. That’s been really interesting. Because you don’t have to go very deeply to start reading about a band because you can get news and information from other sources, the web, etcetera. If you know what’s going on with bands, then people will give you information that you wouldn’t normally get on your own.
East Bound and Down (Jerry Reed) Guitar Chord Chart ...

What other musicians have inspired you? What does making music on your own say about you?

I’ve got a very hard time not thinking about myself. I’m not going to pretend I don’t know that I was influenced by bands and influences that I was familiar with, but it’s just hard for me. I never thought about making music until I got into it. When I’m playing the guitar, it’s my first and only guitar,

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