Does playing guitar help with anxiety?

Evil Barre Chords on Acoustic Guitar: F#m, C#m — Rocinante Studios

We are always excited to announce new products coming to the market. To kick things off, Gatorade has announced that they have acquired the Los Angeles – based Vibram International.

Vibram is the world’s leading manufacturer of shock/shockproof shoes and footwear for sports athletes. They are the biggest shoes manufacturer in the world, and in 2013 they were named the fastest growing shoe company in the world by the American Apparel Association.

It’s easy to understand why Vibram is the most popular among athletes. They’re designed with maximum performance in our minds every day, and they’re also available in a range of different styles, colors, materials, and features.

Gatorade, the leader in sports nutrition, also received a new product: the Gatorade Ultra Slim Hydration Pack, which features two water bottles, a pouch, a pack liner, and a new Ultra Sticky Backpack.

As with the Gatorade Ultra Slim, the Gatorade Ultra Slim will retail for $10.99 in conjunction with the new product launch. If you don’t already have a Gatorade Ultra Slim, we recommend using the Gatorade Ultra Slim, which is available at a discount on their website to give Gatorade an even bigger sales boost.

In the meantime, you can check out other Gatorade products on their website.


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MADISON, Wisconsin — Wisconsin state Rep. Bill Kramer, a Republican who represents a suburban district north of Madison, is the latest Republican lawmaker to step down under fire for an inappropriate behavior toward female subordinates.

Kramer had been in Congress since 2004, but last month he decided to resign his seat after the first of a string of sexually explicit social media posts were found on his account.

On Sunday, the Madison Wisconsin newspaper reported a woman had filed numerous complaints against Kramer, accusing him of harassment and groping her in the Capitol, while he was also accused of making unwanted sexual advances toward her while he was a Republican lawmaker in the 1980s.