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What are the 5 essential guitar chords for every song that contains them?

How Do I Learn Guitar Chords?

Do I Always Begin With Ionian?

Learning Guitar Chords

I don’t know how to play Ionian? Don’t worry. It is not nearly as difficult as you may think.

Don’t be afraid to practice Ionian and major chords. I find that they are the strongest chords for the guitar.

Try your hands at a tune such as Bob Marley’s Crazy Train.

This will open your eyes to how the guitar works as an instrument.

I recommend memorising the Ionian form of chords, and playing a lot of Ionian in a day at any good music school.

You can also go and find some tunes that use Ionian as the major chord (which is easier to memorise). Some common tunes include:


Bobby Darin’s “Crazy Train”

Frankie Goes to Hollywood’s “I Need Your Lovin”


Sungjin’s theme to Love Hina


In the following video you will learn how to play each of the Ionian shapes in a tune, including the scales used.

It is much more fun to learn Ionian chords than any Other (G major) or Aeolian (minor) chords you may know.

Don’t worry: we do not recommend that you skip any Ionian shapes, as it is quite easy to learn them.

It is also a good idea to play an Ionian chord and then move on to the next.

The only real difficulty that you can encounter is the fact that we have created an entire song with a Ionian, and then had to learn a different set for each of the other chords.

This is not a problem, and you can use this technique to keep the focus on the songs.

However, if you find that you only use one Ionian chord on the guitar, your head will be in a fog of confusion (we will discuss this further in the section 5).

You can also apply this concept to learn major and Ionian chords instead of just Ionian.

If you have already memorised a couple of the 5 Ionian shapes in a tune, you will already be able to improvise on an entire chord progression using only Ionian chords.

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