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First, you’ll need to figure out how to read the different guitar chords and chords. Then you can start to create your own chords based on your own chord progressions.

As we all know chords are actually just the root and a whole bunch of other notes. There are even more notes in between the root and the chord and some of these sounds you hear on guitar. There are also other notes that are not played but play on top of each other (e.g. the 6th of the 3rd of the fifth) and some others that we didn’t even know existed. But that’s for another article.

There are a few places to start.

You can start to build basic chords by ear, and just memorize the chords. It’s not really good for memorization but it does get you started. For instance you could memorize every chord in the major scale (you might be very limited with this).

The more basic the chord you learn the more you can make use of it. For example if you don’t know a whole bunch of different things, a single chord might help you a lot.

Or you could start to learn multiple chord progressions by ear and study them until you understand the chords.

How about you?

What did I miss (sorry I forgot to add any questions)? Share your thoughts below.

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