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First, take a look through the chords for every chord in the root position. Notice what they sound like; each one has its own sound. Now play them a few times in one key (either a major, minor or blues major). The notes will sound as you think of them. If you played the notes as you imagine they would be played in the real world, you would actually start to hear that the tones are not the same.

For instance, the notes for the 3rd chord of the diminished7 chord might look like 5, E♭, G. The notes for the 7th will feel like F, C♯, D.

If you had listened to the notes in the key of G Major (instead of the diminished7 chord), you might start to think they would sound better in the key, and would sound as you’d expect. This is where the notes are really different. Remember, you don’t need to know every single note in the chord. All you have to do is hear all the variations in a key or chord.

Remember, you can use any chords you want; just play them. Try playing the major or minor versions and finding each chord has its own sound.

How do I learn to play chords?

Here are the steps you’ll need to take; learn each note (as you think of it) through the same keys (major/minor/blues) you started from, then play them through one another (using a major or minor chord). Once you’ve mastered one note, switch keys and do the same thing.

Major, minor, or blues

If you’re learning to play bass guitar, you probably know that a major (root) chord on any key scale can take you pretty far. That’s because you can play the 7th of the Major chord in any key (or a minor chord, if you prefer). A major chord, (7 th ) E G, is just a whole-step down from the root (5 th ) E♭ G.

That’s one step, and one step, and one step to minor!

To do the same thing in blues the easy way:

Major (root). E♭ G, (7 th )

Major (root). B♭ B, (7 th )

Major (root). D♭ D, (7 th ); (7 th )

Major (root). C�

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