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The best ones are those to which I personally have some familiarity, but you will be surprised by the differences in quality among the various choices. The best quality beginners guitars, at the least, are those that have a long history of making guitars that are well made and of good quality. There are, of course, guitars with long histories of making guitars that are well made. I’m not talking about what can be found in a record store selling for 25 bucks. I’m talking about a guitar that is produced in small batches of around 100 to 250 guitars. These guitars are often made in small workshops that produce a smaller number of guitars than a larger, bigger production company. The best guitars to pick up at the small, low, factory shop level, are those that are made up of only a handful of guitars. The guitars are not made of the finest quality materials and they are not the best instruments available. The good thing is that while there aren’t many of these quality guitars to choose from in the instrument shops, there are thousands of great choices online. To be an “introductory” guitar is a pretty good step up from owning an inexpensive beginner guitar. The only reason you should buy an intermediate level beginner guitar is if you have little to no experience with guitars. In order to have a decent, professional-quality, guitars that are worthy of owning, the majority of people will need to have a large enough guitar collection to fill out the required guitars. In order to get this, several factors need to be taken into consideration: Guitar size and construction will affect how much time an individual will need to plan for. Large size guitars tend to only be used around people who are really good with their hands. The more advanced you get, the more you need to plan for your time. Guitar playing abilities will affect how good a beginner guitar is. The older/less-experienced one is, the less time will be required to learn a beginner guitar. Guitar style will affect how good a beginner guitar is. The more complex and detailed one’s music is, the bigger the guitar will need to be. More advanced players may not need as much time as beginners to build their guitars. However, some older (pre-1960’s) guitar builders will still require a great deal of time and patience, simply due to the nature of their style. The price of the guitar is very important. If it isn’t good value, either due to price, quality or style, you will have a difficult time keeping up with the progress of playing. There
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