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You have to know how to play it. I don’t just sit in a corner in my garage and play a few chords. I go out and practice. I go, “oh, I like bass. I like guitar. Let’s play bass. Let’s play guitar.” It’s a whole new sound. You can’t just pick up an instrument and throw it in the garbage. You have to practice.


So how did you break into the band? What were your early successes?

First we just played in a few shows. I never thought any of it would take off. We just played out there, so what if we got on the radio or something. That’s never really the goal. One time, we played in a bar in West Chester, and they were playing a blues festival. They have so many different blues festivals. I can’t believe there’s more than one, because everyone is so different. And it all happened in a single day. I don’t see us hanging around a bar for a long time. The bar was like a family reunion. They brought in all the kids. My brother went up there, and that’s how it all started. My dad was the new guy in town and he said, “What are we going to do?” He told me that he’d go play at the club. I was like, “Dad, how are we going to get some money for this?” And he just said, “Just play some guitar.”

Did you get any gigs at all at the time?

No, no, no. My dad took me to a lot of shows, and I’d play a few. That’s a lot in those days because you played a lot of shows. So my dad did take me to a couple of gigs. But I never played with the band. [Laughs.]


When did you start playing bass?

Not until I got my first set with a band, though. Then I realized that I liked the style more. The more I played, the better my bass got. Even if we played, we weren’t really trying to get anybody up there. We were just trying to get in there and keep it going because it was fun to watch. I always thought it was the most fun kind of stuff. It was never about getting up there and doing something. It was always about just enjoying it.

Are you still a bass player even though you’re no longer in the band

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