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This story was produced in collaboration with Fusion, Newser and The Verge.

A recent story in the Wall Street Journal highlighted the “unusual” use of a single cellphone to connect the US government agencies that have the authority to monitor the electronic communications of Americans. And to this day, the story focuses primarily on a single phone belonging to a single law enforcement officer.

But privacy advocates aren’t entirely happy.

The phone, a device belonging to a New York police officer but obtained by the agency through secret court orders, has served as a case study in how the NSA can abuse the legal powers that the Patriot Act gave it over its users. The ACLU, an advocate of privacy, has demanded that the NSA turn over a copy of the phone to its records in an attempt to learn how the government is collecting it. The DOJ, another organization interested in privacy, has declined to make that information public.

The story also reveals how the government is collecting cellphones that law enforcement uses to make arrests — a practice that has alarmed privacy advocates for a few years now.

For its part, the agency says that it routinely collects data on other law-enforcement devices, such as cell phone towers and computers, in the name of preventing terrorism.

But even though the use of cellphones as a crime-fighting tool is nothing new, one recent story illustrates the lengths the federal government goes to avoid transparency — so as not to embarrass law enforcement.

It began Jan. 26. Investigators with the US Postal Inspection Service arrested a New York man suspected of stealing a $2,500 worth of stamps. One day later, authorities asked U.S. Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe to search a New York Post office building. He was arrested for allegedly stealing stamps, and it turned out he was sitting in a small office with a phone the Postal Service had seized from him.

According to court documents, officials from the Post Office discovered the phone and asked its agents to turn it over for analysis. “Postal inspectors obtained a record

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