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“Guitar is a very, very powerful tool.”

How does the songwriting process work in a day?

“When we write, sometimes we have five or six people working. We also take a break, if someone wants to work on something, then everybody will be busy at different times. Then we have a little time left in the day and a couple of days before the break and we’ll sit together and write.”

Where is your studio located?

“We record at home in a big house in San Jose. The studio isn’t too busy; it’s just the three of us, but there is always work going on.”

“I live with a producer, but not too far from the studio.”

Do you enjoy music festivals?

“I am a big fan of music festivals: I just love the music, and the atmosphere. In terms of music festivals, there’s so much variety; the music is just different each year. Every year it’s different from year to year.”

What songs are your favorite to play live?

“I like all sorts of music and if something gets you moving that can be a nice thing, I think I like almost all music. But I think “I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing” has a certain kind of energy to it, that’s nice.”

Who should play bass for you?

“I played with a man named Kenny Dorham from Kansas City, and I really like his bass playing — he’s a huge guitar player.

“The people who have that kind of bass playing are the best bass players, you can relate to what he’s playing. He just moves so well that you can just imagine what he did playing.”

How did you get involved in music?

“I got involved in music like most 13-year-old kids do, as a way of expressing myself.”

Were you an avid comic books and comic-book fans growing up?

“No, I didn’t read a lot of comic books, and neither do my parents or brothers. My parents read the comics, but they’re not the ones that do the comic books.”

Did you read any comics growing up? What, if any, were you reading when you started playing guitar?

“I didn’t have a real lot of interest in comics; I used to read the newspaper comic but I don’t think I ever read a comic

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