How long does it take to learn acoustic guitar? – Learn Electric Guitar Reddit

A lot depends on the individual student. In general there’s no reason not to learn the skill right away. However, it is important to be creative with your learning. With the right approach you’ll begin to get a good taste of the art and you’ll begin to pick up on subtle nuances you never thought before.

What is your music education?

My education consisted mainly of two major camps: guitar and jazz. Guitar was my primary focus until I was about seventeen. However, I was a fairly capable bass player, and in the year leading up to my university degree, I took up a course on jazz.

Jazz was really my form of self-education. I began to hear the music that defined me, and when it was over, I would ask myself, What can I do to be better with that music?

What does it take to master a new instrument in your own right?

A basic training course that lasts three weeks. At the end of it you should have a basic grasp of how to play an instrument for yourself on your own using either a sheet of music or the written text.

You can use the technique, theory and chords that are contained in a piece of music. The key is to become comfortable using the piece of music without any notes (other than the melody) or any sounds unless it’s necessary, but don’t worry if those are too simple for you.

You can learn a song in three weeks and a piece of jazz in five, or so.

What kind of instruments do you play?

I play in everything from banjo, guitar, electric guitar, harmonica and drums. I tend to try to keep the type of sound you hear on the radio, radio tunes, country, folk, and many pop songs.

What are your main hobbies and interests?

I am a huge fan of sports and entertainment. My hobbies have been collecting all of the various forms of music; from old-time swing to early blues to metal. I love watching sports (especially boxing, basketball, football, and football) and I enjoy the thrill of winning or losing. I’m also keen to get to know the personalities and personalities of professional singers and musicians. I have also been avidly pursuing music for my own enjoyment.

What made you decide to take this career path?

I’ve always had a positive outlook on life, and have never felt at a disadvantage from any type of music.

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