How long does it take to learn classical guitar? – Learn Guitar Chords Easy Chart For Od

I recommend 2 weeks to 4 weeks of free time dedicated to learning guitar as it is the fastest way to grow and improve your skills.

I recommend learning guitar from a teacher who specializes in it and not someone who only offers you lessons or is only interested in teaching you other stuff.

You don’t need to buy a guitar or anything expensive, I recommend a guitar I got for free, but you can buy a guitar with a great sound that will not make you lazy, which you can make easier if you spend a few hours every day listening to and practicing some basic songs.

You can use a guitar with a neck of wood or it can be a thin and light guitar, I recommend one with a neck made from wood, you will feel it more than a thick guitar will because it will fit your hands more and will be less likely to hurt you from your fingers hitting things.

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