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This depends on a mix of what you’re trying to learn and how hard you think it will be. For example, if you’re new to it and want to learn the fundamentals of fingerstyle guitar by playing guitar solos, there’s no need to fret all day. However, there are many easier intermediate levels you can get to, one of which is the basic 3/4, and others that I list below. If, after you’ve spent weeks/months/years practicing, you can only play those solos three times/month or when you’re tired, you’ve hit a wall with guitar and need to learn more.

My goal is for myself to learn fingerstyle guitar while not being over-determined. I want to go through fingerstyle guitar, know it, and then get some help with any specific sections so I can get a grasp of the fingerstyle technique.

Why learn fingerstyle guitar (but not fingerstyle metronome techniques)?

You can’t learn fingerstyle guitar if you’re over-determined. I think that I can learn this on my own from listening and practicing for myself, but I think you’d need to do a lot of time practicing to get good at this. I’m not trying to force myself into playing, but rather to learn at my own pace without pushing myself too far. If someone wants to learn metronome techniques, they can certainly learn fingerstyle without me forcing them.

If you can’t learn fingerstyle using a metronome, what will you learn to make the exercise easier?

First off, I want you to have decent finger dexterity, and I would suggest you learn fingerstyle from scratch using a guitar with more articulation. You will learn more from playing with a different fingering than you would from a metronome.

If you’re already comfortable with fingerstyle, why don’t you just pick up an electric guitar and learn how to play all those things I said I’m going to help you learn?

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The first thing is just the time; learning a new fingering that’s not the same as what you’re used to requires you to practice and learn new stuff from completely new songs from different time signatures. You start thinking that if a song I can be like, “ah that makes a lot of sense to play like that, and I already know how to play it,” but it turns out that this isn’t true! It’s not necessary to study a song in order to

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