How many guitar chords are there? – Best Way To Learn Notes On Guitar Fretboard Printable

Most of the major scale’s notes are found in the four-note scale. This means that there is one more scale that we have not yet encountered and one more chord than we’ve heard in the lessons yet.

Each chord has five notes of its own, but each note is grouped together into a five-note scale (a group of 5 notes, with a fifth included for the purpose of this lesson).

Note – Note diagram of the major scale, with each note in brackets.

Note – Note diagram of the minor scale, with each note in brackets.

Note – Note diagram of the major 7ths, with each note in brackets and a symbol for the seventh.

Note – Note diagram of all the others.

Why don’t the chords fall into these five categories when they are played?

The reason it is hard to put a chord together into a major or minor scale when played live is because they use four different intervals for each note. Instead, a major scale has the “flat 4” in front of the “flat 6”.

While an augmented or diminished scale with “flat 6” is easy to remember and play, using a standard major scale to play chords with the “flat 6” is not only less convenient, but will not fit the rest of the music. Because the diminished notes are in the major scale they also play a larger part in a chord than they do in an octave or any other major scale. They also create tension that the natural minor scale does not. This is because the diminished notes give you more space to work with, giving you more opportunities to fill in what you hear on the instrument.

How am I supposed to know which chord to play in this example?

There is no right answer to that question, but with some practice, you can start to figure out which chords you need to learn in each scale.

Learn How to Tell if The C Major Chord is Major or Minor.

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