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Are they all unique? Do they have the same sounds when played together?

What’s the point of all this?

A long time ago, we had a guitar, some electronics – then we had a good guitar player:

At the age of 25 – I made my first recordings on an amplifier, a guitar that I got from my grandmother as a wedding gift. This is the beginning of my journey: The first recordings were my own music in different guitarmas and then with a friend from college I recorded an album: A Musical Journey Of An Acoustic Guitar Player (The First Album of Original songs).

Later – I had more friends, I started writing musical pieces – these were mostly improvised – and I recorded more album: Music & Madness.

One by one I was working on my own songs. There are also more original songs – but the best way to describe it is with the words of my favourite musicians: “For those who are looking for originality, and the ones who want to make music by their own means, you should listen to this album and try not to think about it.” – Bruce Springsteen.

I have a very personal musical journey going, but I’m really happy about this fact.

I am a musician, an amateur musician since high school – and I still don’t know what I should name it: The Guitar.

In music we have a tradition of creating the same sound at the same time in two or three different guitarmas. However, nowadays, guitar technology allows us to make a lot more different arrangements by making it easier to switch between instruments. In other words, more different guitar tones can be created with a good amplifier at a very cheap price. This means that there are more genres in the musical landscape. Today the guitar is more in demand: If you’re into the ambient indie, you should know that you can do a lot of that on the guitar.

Let’s find out more about me – my guitar.

Where is my guitar from?

I have a Gretsch Junior. It’s the best acoustic guitar I could find back in the year 2003. I love it and I plan to carry this guitar in my daily life for a long time – to keep it in a good condition and to learn how to play it better.

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I’m pretty good at playing the guitar myself:

I know how to play the rhythm part, and I know a lot how to sing

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