How many hours a day should you practice guitar? – Should I Learn Bass Or Guitar

This question has long been the source for much thought in the guitar community. We’ve had people try to answer this question in two different ways:

There is no hard and fast answer; there is no single best answer.

On one hand, the answer to this question is clear: No one is the same as anyone else. We’ll go into a little detail to help set the record straight on this one. On the other hand, we’ll try to answer the question in an honest and objective way. What I’ll do here, to help you see how an average person approaches practice, is to look at things from a very different viewpoint. Here’s how an average person approaches practice:

What do you want to achieve?

As a rule, I try to aim for a set of achievable goals, even if they differ based on the person with whom I’m working.

In other words, as you might have noticed, the question is not about “What are you capable of doing today?” That’s a fair enough answer, but it’s not all that interesting. There’s also “what would you like to happen on this day?” In a nutshell, that’s about getting the most out of time you have available.

This is where I think most people go wrong. They focus their practice time at the “What do you want to achieve” goal, and they completely neglect what to do to achieve that goal in the short term. In other words, they focus a disproportionate amount of time on the “What do you want to achieve” goal.

The reality is that our personal goals are all extremely arbitrary and hard to define. We are probably all fairly ambitious, but most people simply focus their practice time in a given area when it comes to reaching their goals, because “What the fuck do you want to achieve?” is not something that’s easy to think about.

You’ve probably noticed that we often want things.

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When we try to ask a question like this, we often try to put our focus on what “we” do, because we are most interested in knowing who we are talking about. What is a good exercise to tackle those “what do I want to achieve” questions you’ve been throwing about?

It’s easy to try to answer that question with the above mentioned “What do you want to achieve?” question, as we have been trained to do so. However, as we’ve all learned, “what do I want to

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