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There are many different kinds of guitars. From $800-2000 all the way up to about $3,600, a custom made guitar can be built to your preference and personal touch. With the cost of a bass guitar, a custom made bass guitar can cost anywhere from $2,000-4,000. The prices for custom made guitars are not the same because there is a lot of customization involved on guitars. For example, a guitar company will want to include all the parts that they can afford. In fact, I am sure that many guitar companies are able to spend more than their budget at the custom guitar. This is in part due to the high maintenance requirements of the guitar. Some custom made guitars make it into the bass guitar range though. This is because there is just more to customize the bass than the custom guitar that I mentioned before.
How to Learn to Play Guitar by Yourself: Teach Yourself Guitar at Home

Another major reason that a bass guitar can cost $25,000+ is that the customer has some sort of experience with that instrument. They have a relationship to the design and they feel comfortable in how they are designed, they have been to the concert and they get good feedback. Bassists have this same feeling and this is why I suggest learning a guitar to learn to play a bass. I’m sure that most of you who have started at bass can probably relate to this. If you ever want to learn to play bass, you will soon realize that you are an artist and you are going to have to become a musician like you are at guitar. This is another reason why I recommend learning a guitar as a player. To learn some bass skills that you may not be able to immediately access to using your own instrument you need to start with the guitar. This is often the case with beginners who come in to bass looking for something to build just like a guitar.

If you think you are ready for the bass guitar lifestyle and feel like you could get more out of this lifestyle than you would from guitar, then I think you will think bass is the right choice for you. The bass is very easy to learn as long as you are comfortable playing in a comfortable manner, however learning bass takes a lot of time and dedication.

If you are more in the rhythm guitar position, bass may be a more logical step for you. The rhythm guitar lifestyle allows for a lot of freedom and the right amount of effort, especially if the bass takes a back seat. If you are comfortable playing on bass, I strongly recommend you at some point pick up a bass

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