How much should I pay for guitar lessons?

When you’re new to guitar, and you find out the only guitar teachers who play guitar, they charge $50 or $100 for lessons.
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Can I get guitar lessons online? Yes, there is a popular guitar tutor service called Guitar Tutor. They have a good reputation and their students are very satisfied.

Should I join a guitar lessons program or a private piano teacher? If you want to learn music, you’re best off learning it the old fashioned way: guitar lessons, piano lessons, or a combination of both. These three methods may seem like a great deal, but you’ll only get the benefit of learning a bunch of instruments from the best teacher you can find.

Is it legal to buy a guitar for $250 and sell it for $2,000? Nope. It depends in which state you live. If you live in Nevada, it is legal to buy a guitar and sell it for between $100 and $250. If you live in California, the price can be $350 for guitars over 400 and $900 for guitars over 1,000.

My girlfriend and I are ready to get married. I have $4,000 at our house and $250 worth of wedding gifts. Should I just sell the house to pay for it? There could be many legal reasons — your partner may have a mortgage or might be out of work — but it’s better to have the money, and you should think of the wedding as an expensive gift rather than an extra income stream.

What if I don’t have the money for the wedding? If you don’t have the money for you to go ahead and buy an expensive gift, that’s an option, too. But if you want to, you can always buy that guitar for $200 and sell it for $2,000. Or rent the house and pay for the wedding with it.

If I bought a guitar for $200 and paid $50 for lessons, what would I be getting? If your plan is to get an extremely good sound with very low strings, you could buy one for $150, play it a few hours a week, then rent it out to people, and make some money doing it. The important thing is that you learn the instrument.

Are there any guitar lessons I should skip? If you think you’ll love it then you won’t have to worry about anything. But if you’re serious about getting the sound you want, you should at minimum take a lesson at a good guitar