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How much do you like it? If it is good, then what’s your plans for the future as far as your musical career?

I want to be a musician. I still am.

Is there any part of you that isn’t getting the guitar?

No, I like it. I just happen to like the piano better than the guitar.

If the guitar was gone, would you still be a guitarist?

If I was just sitting and playing the guitar, that would be great. But when there are no strings on it, I would probably be looking for work in this music business. So, I don’t know. I like the guitar.
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Do you have a dream guitar player, who you would like to play for the first time?

I’d probably want to play with Billy Gibbons or John Paul Jones. And if John Paul Jones is in charge, I’d want to be in a band with him.

Do you play other instruments besides guitar?

I don’t play other instruments at all. I do it for fun, because I love it, and I think it’s cool.

Do you have any songs on Spotify?

Yeah. I have some old music on Spotify. It’s called “What Do You Do” by The Smiths. I think this band is about to break through, and I’m really going to try to make my song sound that little bit more like the Smiths.

Is it difficult to stay focused on your career while you’re also doing this show in Germany? Do you feel like you can get out of that situation?

I can definitely get out of a situation, but not with this show. Maybe once a year or two it changes, but I don’t know. I’ll just be sure this show is successful, even though it’s hard. If I want to do this, I’ll keep going.

Do you feel you’re having fun while you’re working on the show?

Yeah, I’m having fun. It’s a lot of fun.

This music business seems to be so competitive nowadays. Do you think this type of business is still something that will grow and keep growing?

Well, I think it’s a lot more competitive now. You have the whole world to compete with. You have some very talented, talented people working for very, very talented companies, and you have people who don’t really want to work for anybody,

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