Is 17 too old to learn guitar?

You should learn to play it on your own first because there are lots of other things that will be useful for the learning process like:

Guitar chords

Beginner Guitar Chord Chart - Major, Minor & 7th Chords
Rhythm guitar chords




And lots of other things, too (like lots of other things)

So how to learn how to play guitar by ear? There is a really amazing website called It is an incredible website with tons of videos about how the guitar works and lots of free online course to study this guitar learning.

First, get your guitar. You need a guitar of sorts to study. I have this awesome fretless guitar and some of my best friends own them. I have bought the same guitars for years and have done so with great success. These guitar lessons were taught to me by my best friend.

Now take a look at your guitar (or any instrument) and find some exercises you can do by ear to learn how to play the songs. I have written guitar exercises for all my songs at the end of this article, but they are specific for each and every song and for each chord position we want to learn.

Practicing exercises by ear will help to focus on the basics, like learning scales, chords and rhythms. Just take your guitar and study each of the songs in the series (I have played each song about 6 times now and really love it) and try to memorize every note on the guitar, even though you don’t know it. Start by learning one song and keep doing the exercises so that you can learn the basics of all the guitar songs in this video series.

Next, download the guitar exercises and practice them at home. It’s really simple to do!

This will be an easy exercise for you guys to get started with. Remember this is your first guitar project because you’re picking up all the other stuff you need to have in a guitar. But you have to think about the things you’ll need for this music series.

Go to the guitar exercises on Guitarist and pick one song or chord pattern or guitar chord shape

If you can’t learn how to play any other exercise, try a song in the series and practice it, and only practice that one song.

I’ve only played one song in the series. Here is how to learn a couple of songs by ear:

I’ve already played the songs I studied in the series a few times