Is 19 too old to learn guitar? – Easy To Learn Guitar Songs Smoke Gets In Your Eyes

The answer is yes. But there are definitely times (especially for new music) when 18+ can be a good choice!

The reason for this statement isn’t just “because I can!” It’s because, just like with piano and all the other musical instruments, learning and practicing one specific instrument (in this case guitar) for two years will certainly pay it’s dividends!

You’ll just need to be creative, think outside the box (this is one of my favorite things to say) and be patient–in any aspect of music, whether it’s learning to play chords or learning to play melody.

How long does it take to learn/practice the guitar?

The amount of time it takes varies wildly between people and their own personal goals; we’re all different to some extent. If you’re not the best musician you can be (and if you think you are, then you’re probably mistaken), it may be a good idea to spend a few months (less if you have a bunch of guitar lessons or classes), but again, do your best not to do as well as you do.

How long does it take to develop a musical instrument?

That is a whole thing, and is something for another post. We can’t really talk about how long it takes to develop one instrument or music, as we’re all unique, but I’ll leave that for another day if you really want to know.

For the purposes of this question, I’ll just say that it takes anywhere from 8-12 years of guitar lessons and/or practice to fully develop one musical instrument.

What if you have to start over when learning a new instrument?

If for any reason you already have another musical instrument down pat and you really want to learn something else, then definitely don’t hesitate to take the leap to learn new songs – but try to do it as part of a “bigger” band-of-you-want-to-be.

The reason for this is simply because if you’re starting out, then you’ll be playing something every day (or every other day) that’s not the same as the first thing you did or are going to do. That gives you some much needed downtime to practice on something new!

How long will it take to learn an instrument?

As I mentioned, this varies wildly between people and for some people it may take longer than they would think.

I know most musicians are in

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