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As a parent of four teenage boys, I do what a mommy do when she sees a new kid on the schoolyard who wants to learn guitar. I set a strict timeline: he has to have his own guitar by the end of the year. (When I was a teenager, my parents were both musicians.) My goal: to give him the guitar before he turned 20. The only thing I’ve always insisted was that the lessons come in two parts. One is a three-hour group meeting that I call my “teacher-buddy session.” There is a few musical notes on the guitar, but that’s just a starting point. The lesson we rehearse is to play a few songs with guitar as their instrument. As far as I’m concerned, he’s a musician first and a guitar player second.

Most guitar teachers won’t even admit this to the students. They’ll say, “You’re a newbie. We’re playing for three hours” or “We’re a school band. You have four instruments but you can only play on two.” The students can hear their teachers giving me the low end of the stick and say, “I guess I can just work on the lower strings.”

My own response to these guys is simple: “Listen. We’re going to make mistakes. But we’re going to play better than you could ever imagine, because as musicians, we’ve known for decades what’s good for us, and what’s bad for us.”

Do more with less, learn from your mistakes. Listen to what you learned and improve it. You don’t need to learn how to use an electric guitar, only how to play a rhythm guitar. Don’t go chasing a new guitar from a company with thousands of them. Learn to love a single instrument, and learn to play in your comfort zone by taking classes, playing in bands, or simply letting your ears get the hang of it.

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