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“I think that’s a fair question, actually.”

“You should be thinking about music at least a little bit more than that, mate.” – Rob Delaney

22-year-old guitar virtuoso Rob Delaney has admitted that he will be turning his back on the blues by the age of 30.

In a talk at the Music Academy of Liverpool in England, the Manchester singer was asked about how he got started.

“[I’d been playing] as a teenager – I actually learnt the guitar from my dad in the back of a truck,” he told the Academy of Liverpool audience.

“By the time I was 16 and I was just getting into it the guitar was kind of my life.

“Then, as I moved on and had different kinds of bands – I was into rock and roll but also in that side of the genre – it was kind of hard work to make a career out of it – so I decided to just put my guitar down and focus on other parts of my life.”

‘Don’t think I got it by accident’

That was until two years ago when, by his own admission, he started making the music he is now producing.

Despite enjoying what he describes as “a lot of success with music”, Delaney admits he has been hit by the same problem that hit his guitar-playing brother: making a living with what he does, and not with what he looks like.

“Music is what I do,” he says. “I don’t think I got it as a result of being born this or that. I was raised as a musician … but, honestly, a lot of the band I’m in now, they came from the same background. And to be honest, I’ve always been a pretty quiet person and not really as loud as I feel I should be.

“As a band we were originally made up of six people that were actually all musicians, but it’s tough to keep in touch with stuff you are doing.”

He insists that in the end, all the attention and success he received for playing his guitar came from that one performance in 2009 when he joined fellow Englishmen Bob Dylan on stage, with guitarist Mick Ronson filling in on bass.

“I was with this really good band from Manchester – we were all playing really nice rock music,” he says, laughing before adding: “But, you hear all these people singing about how they think I

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