Is 26 too old to learn guitar? – Best Beginner Guitar Course

Don’t want to be a guitar teacher?

Do you think that teaching children is good? Or doing it for the money?

It’s very unlikely that I’ll ever be a full-time teacher or have any time for that (though some of the time, I can, and I don’t hesitate to help others, when I think it’s necessary… but mostly, I’m just a very busy guy)

I think that teaching is fun, learning music is fun, teaching my kids is fun. You’re right, it’s not “worth it”, but it certainly will be fun and it does make a lot of money in the long run.

I have a really hard time believing that teaching children to play guitar shouldn’t be something they can and should do at some point in their life. There’s still so much more you can do for them when they’re of school age than the education system can do for them by now. It’s a job you can do well and give them a very fun life while they are young and they’re learning. If it’s going to end up paying in the long run… then we need to get out of here. It’s time we got rid of education, we need to go back to basics and get kids spending more time as they’re growing.

I’m not a professional teacher. That’s not how the word “teacher” is used. I’m just a guy who likes to get out and have fun. I don’t like to be a professional teacher. I’m pretty good if I was doing it for anything else.

You can see me out and about the world, in the local shops. I go to a lot of them. If there’s a guitar shop in my town, I go and pick up guitar on my lunch break

You wouldn’t have to say that every time you go into a shop and pick up a guitar. There’d be plenty of other guitar shops around with similar staffs working. Why do you think there isn’t any other guitar shop in your town in which you can easily pick up a guitar by sitting at the counter by yourself?

I suspect that I’m missing something here. That’s a good question. I can’t really explain it.

Do you consider yourself an amateur musician, or are you not really into playing a guitar at all ?

I would say that I’m not really into playing a guitar at all – I don’t know why.

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