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Guitar is like a skill. You learn so much from practice, and after a while you learn to play the entire guitar piece in a day. That’s why you want to make it to the level of a great teacher.

It would be a great idea to practice guitar for 1,5 hours a day, and then only play 3-4 hours a day.

If you practice for an hour a day and only play 4 hours per day, it’s going to take around 10 years for you to reach the level of a great teacher. So make it to the level of a great teacher before you move to the next level.

If you only start on guitar after you’re 40 – you’re already 40 years old and that’s what guitar is – it’s like being a computer technician for a decade.

What are the worst guitar lessons you’ve taken?

There have been no guitar lessons I’ve taken that were worse than the lessons I’ve got in my head.

On the rare occasions when it has been bad, it’s been terrible.

My friend’s dad played at a festival in France and they showed him how to play the guitar – he was not only getting better, but also more relaxed.

I was having difficulty learning how to play the guitar, and he was the solution to my problem.

It happened in England once – I was going to meet a friend and when we met he showed me how to play – it was so good, as it took some time to get to.

We had a bit of a row and the next time we met, he was telling me how cool I was and that it’s awesome being a guitarist.

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I’ve always found the best guitar lessons that are free are in the UK. I only have to do a few simple things to find a lesson there.

A few free ones that work for me that I use daily are:

I’m an avid reader and I would recommend that everyone go online and read about different guitar teachers to discover what works for you (and they usually charge for the lessons).

You can also contact yourself to find the best guitar teachers based on your preferences, ability, and interests.

If you do choose to go free or you have a specific budget in mind, make sure that you work out who is rated highly and who is rated the least.

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