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In this week’s episode, we interview Dave Garlick about his new guitar, learning guitar techniques, and the benefits of using the ‘loud side of the spectrum’ as opposed to the ‘quiet’ side.

Episode Notes

Dave Garlick is a musician and owner/operator of GARLICK GIRLS. His music is comprised of folk, bluegrass, and rock. The guitarist has played in several bands including “Worm and the Ghost of the West” and “Big Blue”.

Garlick has been writing and performing professionally since 1992, and his stage credits include “The Woodstock Musical”, “The Last Waltz”, “Bass Man”, and his current project with a live band, the Rockin’ GIRLS.

Garlick also owns his own recording studio, known as GARLICK GIRLS. Garlick recently recorded a four-song EP with singer and guitarist Megan Niedermeier. A preview on their website shows the songs “It’s Been Good Since the Beginning” and “Bassman”. Check the links below.

Very Easy Electric Guitar Songs For Beginners - 5 Minute ...
Garlick is a guitarist, songwriter, and recording engineer with a strong sense of humor and an affinity for the odd bit. He is the co-producer of the musical event, PUPPERS AND WATERS, a multi-million dollar outdoor festival for young professional musicians in Phoenix, AZ. Garlick is also the director of the annual Phoenix Opera Festival.

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