Is it hard to learn guitar?

Or is it not really a guitar at all?

First, the word “hard” in guitar means very, very hard. That’s the “hard” in “hard-as-nails”. It’s hard to learn guitar, in all parts of the spectrum: the most difficult, most boring, the most fun, the most demanding, and the most challenging. Most guitar players don’t come from a very hard background. They were either born with a “hard” trait (like me, for instance), or they learned it by practicing on their mom’s guitar or at their mom’s piano. So I’m not so much talking about getting better at guitar; to me, it’s a total non-issue.

There are guitar lessons that are actually teaching you how to use your guitar as well as how to use your fingers. But they take a lot of time, and they’re quite expensive, so it’s a bit like your mom just throwing you in the middle of the woods – I mean, they do it all the time, right? I know, just a little bit – but they don’t teach you how to play guitar like this.

I’m a big believer that it’s important to have a very flexible and open mind (which I try to maintain), as well. If I’m working on a solo and I realize, “Oh my God, I don’t know how to play that!” and I realize they just don’t teach that to the people they’re working with, and I know I need to work on that, then I will. It’s very hard to learn music that way. If it’s like that for guitar, it’s just a total non-issue (when they actually cover it, which they really do – there’s no way to “get the information”.).

Another thing I do – for me, at least – is that I’m very good at memorizing chord progressions… and chords are just so much more versatile and powerful when you know how to play them. It’s way easier to memorize a few chord progressions, than it is to memorize every chord and every chord progression in every record, and know what you’re supposed to be doing. So I just memorize chords.

I’m a master of memorizing chords. Not that I can play any music, but… yeah… I’m a master memorizer.

What’s the one chord progression that sticks with you that you wish you played more, that you