Is it worth it to learn guitar? – Free Easy To Learn Guitar Lessons

It’s not worth it to learn guitar.

It doesn’t matter how hard someone teaches you to play guitar. It’s only going to get worse the more you practice. If you find that you need to be told how to do it, it’s too much effort for your current skills level. It takes all year to learn just how you can play a song, not a few short weeks. Guitar is not a skill, you have to build up your level.

There are two key elements to Guitar playing. The first is how to read music.

This is basically the most important part of Guitar playing, in my opinion. Not the finger picking, not the picking skills (which are very rudimentary), but more of learning to read music.

If you want to improve your playing, you must develop your reading skills. When listening to music, you’re not supposed to understand what the song is about to perform, you simply must be able to hear it clearly for yourself how you interpret the notes. This is called a “Musical Theory” in school.

The second key element is that you must be able to read the music in context. A lot of people think they like guitar because they just hear a chord, they just feel them. It’s completely possible to learn guitar the wrong way and play badly, and that’s just as dangerous as the other way.

The way I learn to play a song is to pick one chord that stands on its own and just listen while the rest flows in naturally. Once you’re comfortable with that, use the chord in its right place in tune, just like in your head you play it.

Learning this way is extremely liberating, and will allow you to play better without being in your head constantly. It won’t get you good at that part, but it will help you hear the songs in context.

How do I read music?

To get good at reading music, you’re likely going to need to listen to music. However, music isn’t easy for you to read.

Listen to a song, and see if you can figure out what the chords mean, or you can pick any chord and hear how it sounds. You’ll find that when you play the song, you can hear in context just how they fit together. This is the first and most important skill in learning to play a song, to get as good at reading music as you have to play it.

This is how I read

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