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Yes, it is. It’s not just for music. It’s a good learning tool in other ways that go beyond getting good in a subject. When I was young, it taught me to be a better person. It taught me that I was strong, that I was smart, and that I was confident. It taught me respect and dignity, which is a difficult thing to teach with any subject. Now, in my younger days, I just feel like a lot of my anger is misplaced. I believe that everything should be valued, no matter what a person makes. I believe in the power of music and the music industry. It helps me to be better person.

I have seen several examples in my life where people feel that they have been given undeserved things for what they contribute to the community. There has been a lot of anger and resentment expressed toward the arts. Do you feel that’s a valid stance, or can it help move the conversation forward a little bit?

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Music is really not about anger. It’s not just about anger. It’s about gratitude, and it’s like looking after another person who’s in pain, and that’s not anger. I just feel the need for justice; it helps me to see people in a different light. We’ve seen too many instances where people are in pain and everyone has their opinion, everyone has their opinion, but the only thing that’s not being voiced is the pain. The only thing that’s really being silenced in our society are the voices of people who need support. The same as a child who can’t speak up for themselves because they don’t have the support of their family, or if they are in jail. But when someones is struggling, and then you bring up their music, and it opens up a whole new window of communication.

It’s the same with my community. It’s about how do you really get those people out of their silos of shame, and out of their fear, and out of their isolation, and out into the world. Music is really the first step into that. If there’s a person who needs to express themselves in a way the world hasn’t really seen, let’s go out and let them be seen. Let’s do what it takes to see them. Let’s see how much I can give to help someone.

The whole world seems to be on fire. What else are you seeing happening? It’s obvious it’s not going away anytime soon. There’s a lot of things that

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