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A lot of guitarists have the belief that there is an “absolute” number of chords in a guitar chord progression. I am not one of those people. There are at least four, five, six, and seven chords in a Guitar Chord Chords eBook, and those chords can change between songs, depending on what kind of music is being played. The reason why is because of the relationships the chords form. When the chords shift between songs, all of these “natural” chords can make the music more melodic.

Let’s take a look at a chord progression of two songs on the album.

I’m a Man

Chords: C-E-G-D

G – Gm7 – Bb7

Ab-E7 – Abmaj7 – Maj7

C – Em7 – Em7

D – Bb7 – Abmaj7

The chords in I’m a Man do not necessarily make the song more melodic than the chord progression in I Love You, Honeybear. Rather, they help to establish the melodic foundation for the rest of the song.

In I Love You, Honeybear the chords from I’m a Man are actually very similar to the chords in I’m a Man, though they are in different key. In fact, both songs are really one massive chord progression.

In both songs I have been saying that the relationships between the chords are what makes the music melodic. This is in stark contrast to I’m a Man, where the chords are almost a solo.

Let’s see what the chords of I’m a Man are in relation to those in I Love You, Honeybear.

These are the chords you would hear in the song “I’ll Be Your Mirror.” In the video above I also added a slide guitar lick to the beginning of the chorus, which is where I usually would start the song.

I have put the chord chart above in an “in the key of A.” Most of the songs I have shown above have no backing track, so the chords in the song are only heard in relation to that, but it is the same for both I Love You, Honeybear, and I’ll Be Your Mirror.

Here is I’m a Man in relation to I Love You, Honeybear.

The guitar solo and chords in I Like Meh are what help establish the song’s foundation. In I Love You, Honeybear

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