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You should learn the easiest songs you can find. Chords aren’t nearly as difficult on guitar as they are on violin or piano, so you can spend years just learning the key and memorising the key of the chord you’re fretting in. However, a lot of people find that you don’t get anywhere on guitar by learning chords. You can get to the stage where you can play most of the songs by themselves in terms of chord progressions that you’ll know by heart.

There are lots of songs on Guitar Center that are well-suited to learning some of the more difficult songs. In fact, a lot of people just use Guitar Center for that exact reason. However, most of the songs on there have a fairly wide range in difficulty of just being an easy song to pick up the first two chords. You don’t want to spend a lot of time on one song unless you want it to be your most difficult in terms of getting used to the keys.

Here are some songs I suggest doing before trying to learn the more difficult songs.

Mona Lisa Overdrive (key: G minor#) by Metallica

This song is great because of its simple chords. The first three notes of the verse have a major third, which provides that much needed “pop”, which is really what this song needs to succeed. However, there are a ton of different tones and textures in this chord progression, so it’s hard to pick out individual things but it’s really easy to figure it out when you see the chords going.

Eurythmics’ My Head Is a Haunted House (key: F minor#)

This song may not be a great first song but it’s a great first song to help you learn the chords on guitar. It’s a song with a lot of chords, so there are so many different tones and patterns that you can use to make each chord sound good.

Daft Punk’s Human Afterall (key: D minor#)

After all that effort, here’s the first chord that you know on guitar? It’s just a one-chord progression going up and down the neck of a D minor chord. It’s really powerful, but you’ll have to play this on it’s own first, because it’s not something that comes easily to most people.

Jagwar Ma and The Untouchables (key: C major#)

This is very much like the G minor that you

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