What chords should I learn first on guitar?

Let’s assume you’ve decided to start learning guitar with this idea of chord progressions. Your first lesson will be about learning the key of C major and studying the C major chord progression. This gives you a really good grounding to get started.

Then, instead, try to study the following example.

This is an example of an A major chord progression.

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This chord progression is a pretty interesting chord progression. It’s not the first thing that comes to mind when you start playing. Even though in most guitar songs these chords are usually in the first position of the harmony, they are still really cool ideas.

To make sure that you will not be getting caught up in the details of what each chord is, we need to focus on the most important chords in the chord progression.

The key of C major chord progression

There are two basic C major chords that you need to know; C major and E major.

C major – C major pentatonic scale

As you can see, there are only 3 tones between the root note of both the A major chord and the root note of the major pentatonic scale. This is the key of the A major chord progression.

E major – E major triad

The E major triad is the third major triad. However, it isn’t really important what note it is. Just like the other 3 triads, E major is the perfect major triad to know.

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E minor – E minor triad

The E minor triad is another triad that you won’t be hearing a lot of as far as a key of C major goes.

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E minor – E minor chromatic scale

If you have played guitar in the past, you may also know that chromatic scales are a lot easier to study and play than the more common diatonic scales in scales.

E minor is a nice example of how simple chromatic chords are for the beginner to understand in terms of scale.

E minor – A, D, G major triad

Again, a cool triad for the beginner to get started on in the key of C major. It really only has 2 notes in each position. It would be more difficult to learn a G minor chord in the key of C.

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