What do guitar lessons cost? – How To Play Guitar For Kids

The cost of any guitar lesson varies greatly from $50 to over $300. There are a few ways to get an estimate for your guitar lessons:

Get the information from your agent. You can get this information through your agent by using your guitar’s serial number – see which one it is. You can also see your agent’s email address. This way, you can track her actions if you choose. Get the information on your own by asking your own questions. You can find more detailed information about buying a guitar lesson in our Buyer’s Guide section under the lessons tab. If you find the information on your own, then you are usually not going to be surprised by what you are charged for. Ask the person who has just taught you. Most GuitarGuru members are not only professional players, many also do not own guitar themselves and have a small collection of guitars that they are comfortable playing. This may include a younger brother or other family member that can help you. You can read more about asking people for their prices on our Contact Me link below.
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