What guitar chords are used the most? – How To Learn Guitar Notes Easy Songs

“Well, you had two chords in that question, and one is used often, if you’re picking fast,” Dusse says. “The other is used a lot less in rock and roll, where it’s more mellow. It’s in that realm of rhythm, which is why it’s used a lot in the rock and roll style.”

The answer: C and C#.

How important is it to learn guitar chords?

“You just gotta learn them. It’s kind of a self-study exercise,” Dusse says. “And if you’re like, ‘Hey, I know A-4, I know a lot of guitar chords,’ well, you’re going to be in a situation where you need to use them on a song. But you don’t have to learn them the ‘obviously’ way. A-2, for example, is pretty versatile.”

Dusse goes on to explain that, like a language in how they read music, chords also need to be learned. “And there are songs where you want to be able to play the chord and that’s it,” he says. “Other times, you might want to use one chord on a song and it’s a different one every time you play it.”

When does it get easy?

“It starts with learning the basics because if you learn it in the order you’re going to learn it, it feels way easier to you in the beginning,” said Dusse. “But when you start to really stretch the boundaries and learn to write great patterns for these chords and use them as a means to create interesting stuff, the more you play them the harder it gets to remember them all.” He goes on to emphasize the importance of learning songs you “want to create songs” and that, like a language in the sense that you have to master a few different words to know a lot, learning some new strings to play guitar can make you sound deeper, which will help you “become a better musician.”

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