What guitar chords are used the most?

What are the least used? Which one is least used? (If that’s how you like to do it, you’ll want to play it!)

How do you know which one to use for a given solo?

Do you have a better idea of what you need to solo for? Is it the same with any other band?

How do you find your own personal style?

When and how did you start? (Where did you grow up?)

What is it that helps you determine your soloing style?

Which solo does not work exactly as well as you would like on this guitar?

Is “stolen string” sound something you want to use on a live performance or recording?

Is there any particular style of solo you’re particularly fond of, or do you sometimes prefer different styles for different songs?

Which guitar sound do you find best – “stolen string” or not?

Guitar Theory – An intro to theory

What is the difference between the “old” theory and new theory? What does this have to do with playing guitar?

What’s the difference between the theory and your ears?

What do you understand by theory? Can you give it some specific examples?

How do you think about the material in a song? Will you do some of your playing at the end?

(Do you like to use your ears or the computer?)

How do you think about the material in a song? When and where?

If you know anything about scales and modes, (e.g. what scales are in what keys), do they affect your solos too?

How does the fretboard affect your theory? Do you think it affects your guitar playing as much?

How do you think about the material in a song? When and where?

Are there other types of guitar solos, (e.g. different chords with different keys) or are there just basic solos with blues, electric, or rock chords, which I’ll show you here, starting from the top.

What are the main problems of theory? Is there a way to solve them?

What’s your theory? Theory or what?

How many different kinds of theory do you know? (This is more of a “can you tell me something you know” question.)

How many different ways are there for you to express some concept in theory –